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The Road To Life#1

What Is This?   Our Journey To Create Life…again

Who Are We?   Wife, Jillian (age 41) , Husband, Eric (age 31), Son, Noah (age 9), Daughter, Emily (age 7).

My Wife and I recently took a few days off and took a trip to South Carolina for a tubal reversal. We went to NCCRM , met some nice, to the point people, and got the run down of the procedure. Were we scared? Yes, but, the outcome of having a chance to produce offspring of our genetic make up was totally worth it. Eight thousand dollars later, yes,  EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS! That was the price for a tubal reversal out of pocket, out of state. After a ultra sound and a meeting we were on our way to the hotel to rest because my wife had a big day tomorrow. She was nervous, scared, happy, and excited in all one emotional roller-coaster. We arrived early taking a Lyft, she was prepped and with one last kiss for good luck she went in for surgery. I was on my way to get drinks, snacks, and something for her to read after surgery. A beautiful prayer was shared between a pastor Lyft driver and myself outside of the clinic and in I went. She was amazing and her tubes were perfect length and she was recovering from general anesthesia . Her first words when she saw me “How long are my tubes?” in a slurry sloppy marbles in your mouth voice…My response was they are perfect honey, just like you, now rest.

Fast forward 30 days later we tried to conceive, but failed. Next month came around and her feelings were different, something was wrong or I should say right! She was pregnant! We were so excited, but it was shortly lived. After a rather stressful situation at work which is our New York State Licensed Daycare, we had an unpleasant episode and she miscarried with a chemical pregnancy…. We knew we were going to have uphill battles the entire way, but we got discouraged rather quick. After a few heart to heart talks we agreed that we weren’t going to stress the situation and just let nature take its course. No more than a week after both deciding this, and not concentrating on making sure everything was right and we made it happen at the right three day window, she missed her period. We were skeptical and started buying tests, faint line…. Another faint line. Now we scheduled blood work to be taken to check the hCG levels.

Next morning, I was woken up early A.M. by my wife in tears saying she was spotting. Spotting means two things, either it’s implantation signs or the beginning of her period. Hormones and emotions were up and down in my Wife, confusion is at a peak of what we are about to go through. Another chemical pregnancy? Or did we succeeded and are in the running to create life. We get the call from our local doctors office, the test results are in! Excited to get a positive result and not this time hCG levels are at 2. hCG levels need to be at least 10 to be considered positive pregnancy.  A few hours go by and it’s bright red spotting and mild cramping…. It’s a chemical, hope is lost for the moment. We hold each other and collect out thoughts and try to keep our emotions in check. We have lost this battle but, we are still in the war, we hope.



We will update as time goes and will be one hundred open and honest in our journey. We hope to help others in the same situations we encounter or close to. If anyone has comments or has questions please get a hold of us and we will be more than happy to help.


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