Hello Hello

Greetings to all, this is the first of many, said by so many. We wanted to introduce ourselves and welcome all who stumble upon our SPANK’N NEW site ELEVENSURVIVALWILDERNESS. It will be a combination of Camping tips, tricks and fun “How TO” or “DIY”, plus more. In addition , how my Wife and I got to where we are now, mentally , spiritually , Financially, and Socially. We also created a Youtube , which is a ghost town of non existent videos currently because we haven’t had the time, oh yea, and its about 8 degrees out right now. That being said while we sip our hot coco by the warm toasty fire, we bid you a farewell. Graciously thank you for visiting us, and hope to keep you satisfied with our hand-made products, thoughts and videos.

We will have a few selections of hand-made FIRE STARTERS , great for wood stoves, camping, hiking, bush craft, and bug out bags. They will be available as soon as we get a Etsy account up and running…….. shouldn’t be much longer …………not yet…………not yet………..coming….soon…..

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